Professor Ephelion

An educated chap, with arcane talents



Race High Elf
Class Wizard
Level 3
Background Sage
Hit Dice 3d6
XP 900
Initiative +2
Max HP 14
Proficiency Modifier +2
Passive Perception 12
AC 12 10 + Dexterity
Speed 30 ft


Ability Score Modifier
Strength 8 -1
Dexterity 15 +2
Constitution 14 +2
Intelligence 16 +3
Wisdom 10 +0
Charisma 12 +1

Saving Throws

Ability Saving Throw
Strength -1
Dexterity +2
Constitution +2
Intelligence +5
Wisdom +2
Charisma +1


Ability Modifier
Athletics -1
Acrobatics +2
Sleight of Hand +2
Stealth +2
Arcana +5
History +5
Investigation +5
Nature +3
Religion +3
Animal Handling +0
Insight +0
Medicine +2
Perception +2
Survival +0
Deception +1
Intimidation +1
Performance +1
Persuasion +1




Dagges, Darts, Slings, Quarterstaffs
Light crossbows, Long bow, Short bow
Longswords, Shortswords

Features and Traits

Name Uses Notes
Darkvision See in darkness as if dim light, dim light as if bright light
Arcane Recovery Once per day, after short rest Recover spell slots with combined level of half your wizard level, rounded up
Fey Ancestry Adv. on saving throws against charm, immune to sleep magic
Ritual Casting
Arcane Focus Crystal ball replaces the required material components for a spell, unless they have a monetary cost
Transmutation Savant
Minor Alchemy Can transform 1 cubic foot per 10 minutes casting of wood, stone, iron, copper or silver into another of those materials


Staff of Defense Requires attunement, +1 AC, contains 10 charges that can be used to cast Mage Armour (1 charge) and Shield (2 charges). May be destroyed if a 1 is rolled on a d20 once the last charge is expended. Regains 1d6 + 4 charges a day
Crystal ball
Common Clothes
Long bow
Short sword
Malachite gem
Healing potion
Scroll of Charm Person
Scroll of Fireball
Scholar’s pack
Book of Lore
Bottle of Ink
Ink pen
10 sheets of parchment
Small bag of sand
Small knife
A letter from a dead colleague, posing a question you have not yet been able to answer
Gold 45
Silver 500


Weapon Attack Bonus Damage Notes
Quarterstaff +1 1d6 – 1 bludgeoning 1d8 -1 bludgeoning if wielded 2-handed
Long bow +4 1d8 + 2 piercing Range 150/600
Shortsword +4 1d6 + 2 slashing


Spell Attack Modifier +5
Spell Slots 4 1st level, 2 2nd level
Spellcasting Ability Intelligence
Spell Save DC 13
Spells Known
Mage Hand
Ray of Frost
Blade Ward
Level One
Mage Armour
Magic Missile
Unseen Servant
Witch Bolt
Detect Magic
Ray of Sickness
Burning Hands

Professor Ephelion

The unwanted love child of a fisherman and a hedge fund manager

He struggled to gain his parents acceptance, his older siblings being champion sporting barbarians

But Tiberius Ephelion was not athletic and had no interest in such things

He loved magic in all its forms, and demonstrated a prodigious talent for the art

But this didn’t matter to his father, a high profile donor at the barbarian sports college, whom he had managed to bribe a scholarship for his puny son

Confronted by this news, a big fall out ensued at his refusal to accept the place, and Tiberius was thus exiled from the family

Naturally, his next step was to enrol on a magic course

He had ideally wanted to go to conservatoire of magic, but coming from a barbarian background he failed to impress the admissions panel

So he enrolled onto a local college program, which was irritating as such courses had a much larger focus on “practical” aspects, such as alchemy, warmongering and the like

This didn’t appeal to him

He was an academic, and a brilliant one at that. So much so that he managed to use his talents to graduate without completing such practical inconveniences

Nevertheless, his ever growing reputation as a brilliant scholar was always hindered by his obvious lack of real world skills, up to the point that this became a well known fact and a frequent cause of mockery amongst his peers

One particularly cruel jibe from a rival professor thus prompted him to change his ways and start, as a middle aging wizard, to finally explore the scary wide world outside the library

Professor Ephelion

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