Ulfgar Brawnavil

Addicted to Rage-ahol



Race Mountain Dwarf
Class Barbarian
Level 3
Background Soldier
Hit Dice 2d12
XP 900
Initiative +2
Max HP 27
Proficiency Modifier +2
Passive Perception 13
AC 17 Half plate
Speed 25 ft


Ability Score Modifier
Strength 17 +3
Dexterity 14 +2
Constitution 15 +2
Intelligence 8 -1
Wisdom 12 +1
Charisma 10 +0

Saving Throws

Ability Saving Throw
Strength +5
Dexterity +2
Constitution +4
Intelligence -1
Wisdom +1
Charisma +0


Ability Modifier
Athletics +5
Acrobatics +2
Sleight of Hand +2
Stealth +2
Arcana -1
History -1
Investigation -1
Nature -1
Religion -1
Animal Handling +1
Insight +1
Medicine +1
Perception +3
Survival +3
Deception +0
Intimidation +2
Performance +0
Persuasion +0




Light armour
Medium armour
Simple weapons
Martial weapons
Dice games
Vehicles (land)

Features and Traits

Name Uses Notes
Darkvision See in darkness as if dim light, dim light as if bright light
Dwarven Resilience Adv. on poison saving throws, resistance against poison damage
Stonecunning Double proficiency bonus on checks relating to the origin of stonework
Rage 3 times per day. Lasts 1 minute, ends early if knocked unconcious or fail to attack/take damage +2 damage on strength attacks, adv. on strength attacks/checks, resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, slashing
Unarmoured Defense When unarmoured AC = 10 + dex + con
Danger Sense Adv. on Dex saving throws you can see
Reckless Attack Adv. on strength attacks, but enemies get adv. on their attacks
Frenzy Can be used when raging Make melee attack as bonus action for duration of rage (after entering rage). Suffer one level of exhaustion when rage ends


Talon (+1 Longsword)
4 Javelins
2 Handaxes
Half-plate armour
Common clothes
Set of gaming dice
Seargeant’s Insignia
Explorer’s pack
Mess kit
10 torches
10 days of rations
50 ft rope
2 Malachite gems
Gold 125
Silver 40


Weapon Attack Bonus Damage Notes
Greataxe +5 1d12 + 3 slashing 2-handed
Handaxe +5 1d6 + 3 slashing
Javelin (melee) +5 1d6 + 3 piercing
Javelin (thrown) +4 1d6 + 2 piercing range 30/120
Handaxe (thrown) +4 1d6 + 2 slashing range 20/60


Ulfgar was just a normal Dwarven boy. 2 loving dwarven parents, living in a picturesque Dawarven town. He could not have been any closer to his parents, that was until his father went off to the war, and never came back. Devastated, Ulfgart and his mother drew close, to the degree where Ulfgar could be considrerd a mummy’s boy. Like all good dwarves,Ulfgar was small but strong, and learned how to defned himslef. Uncommon for a Dwarf, Ulfgar was quite the student, gaining a philosophy scholarship to the top Dwarven University (Happy-Sleepy-Dopey U). Regularly top of his class, captain of the debating team, class president, Ulfgar’s future was a bright as the sun.

Just 2 weeks away from Graduation, Ulfgar was home studying, as always. His freidns were despearte for him to come to a party, the last party of the year. They knew Ulfgar never partied, he was far too focussed on his studies, but this was it, the last parety of their time together, the final chance to really make life long memories, together . They reasoned, pleaded, begged Ulfgar to come until finally, reluctantly, he relented.

Whilst initally shy, after a few drinks Ulfgar loosened up. for the first time he truly let go and started to enjoy himself. He feels free, free of the pressure of success. This is a whloe new world. He deicdes that tonight, for the first time, he will embrace the ends of his youth as he never has before. One things leads to another and Ulfagr finds himself witht he ne’er do well of the class. Noramlly, he would never have been in a postiion to assosciate with reprobates, but a little inebriated he finds himself sharing what they refer to as “Snow White’s Brew”. This would prove to be the undoing of Ulfgar…..

He couldnt be sure how long had passed, or even what had happened. But when the fog cleared, he found himself panting, covered in blood. The head of his best friend in one hand, his penis resting in brain cavity of anothers skull. Clearly the “Snow WHite’s Brew” had awoken something in him.. No longer could he articulate himself, his mental faculties had retunred to normal Dwarven levels, referring to himself only in the 3rd person. At all times, he could feel this rage inside of him. Rage that wanted to get out and it talk all his might to hold it together.

He felt sahem of his actions, vowed never to return to his Dwarven village and he set out top find his relations in distant lands. He needed ta new focus in life so sought out his Uncle, Gundren, who he knew would be able to hide him and help him come to terms with his new life. Gundren sent message to his mother who, ever doting, immeditaley understood and forgave Ulfgar. But he could not forgive himself, vowing never to return until he was able to control his inner rage and make up for his heanous actions.

Side Note
Mummy always sends me letters asking me if I’m doing okay and sending baked goods etc. “How’s my little warrior doing? Kill any kobolds lately?” The best part though. Barbarian’s are illiterate. So I have to have someone else read them to me. Will rage out against any mockery of any of this.

Ulfgar is dissatisfied with the women in his tribe and so decides to look for a good woman to have a good offspring with. He is looking for someone who is both smarter than he is (usually everyone) and stronger than he is (good luck finding that) and a better fighter then him (also pretty hard to find). Testing their metal can be done by challenging them to duels, asking them question, brawling with them, ways that generally give Ulfgar a sense of someone’s prowess on the battle field. Upon finding them, Ulfgar will attempt to seduce them: bringing them heads of dragons or other big beast, collecting shiny things for them or taking care of their “dirty work” .The goal is to get laid and get them knocked up…


Met Horkas of Bargotin when Horky helped Ulfgar when someone was trying to scam him in a dice game.

Ulfgar Brawnavil

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