Akuri with Masala Beans

He'll slice your throat and eat your spleens!



Race Forest Gnome
Class Bard
Level 3
Background Entertainer
Hit Dice 2d8
XP 900
Initiative +2
Max HP 13
Proficiency Modifier +2
Passive Perception 13
AC 13 Leather armour + Dexterity
Speed 25 ft


Ability Score Modifier
Strength 8 -1
Dexterity 15 +2
Constitution 10 +0
Intelligence 15 +2
Wisdom 12 +1
Charisma 15 +2

Saving Throws

Ability Saving Throw
Strength -1
Dexterity +4
Constitution +0
Intelligence +2
Wisdom +1
Charisma +4


Ability Modifier
Athletics +0 Jack of all trades
Acrobatics +6 Expertise
Sleight of Hand +4
Stealth +4
Arcana +3 Jack of all trades
History +3 Jack of all trades
Investigation +3 Jack of all trades
Nature +3 Jack of all trades
Religion +3 Jack of all trades
Animal Handling +3
Insight +2 Jack of all trades
Medicine +2 Jack of all trades
Perception +3
Survival +2 Jack of all trades
Deception +4
Intimidation +3 Jack of all trades
Performance +4
Persuasion +6 Expertise




Light armour
Simple weapons
Hand crossbows
Longswords, Shortswords, Rapiers
Bagpipes, Tambourine, Slide Whistle

Features and Traits

Name Uses Notes
Darkvision See in darkness as if dim light, dim light as if bright light
Gnome Cunning Adv. on all Wisdom, Charisma and Intelligence saving throws against magic
Speak with small beasts
Natural Illusionist You know Minor Illusion Cantrip
Bardic Inspiration Charisma modifier (2) Give a d6 to a creature who can hear you
Song of Rest Anyone spending hit die during a short rest gets an extra d6 recovery
Jack of All Trades +1 to all skills you are not proficient in
Cutting Words Uses your bardic inspiration charges. Reaction. Subtract the Bardic Inspiration die from the enemy’s roll
Ritual casting
Spellcasting focus Use your music to forego the material components of a spell
Entertainer Routines Actor, instrumentalist, poet
By popular demand


Hand crossbow
Leather armour
4 red cloaks
Malachite gem
Scroll of Augury
3 gold teeth
Entertainer’s pack
3 costumes
5 days rations
5 candles
Disguise kit
Gold 59
Silver 74


Weapon Attack Bonus Damage Notes
Dagger +4 1d4 + 2 piercing
Rapier +4 1d8 + 2 piercing
Sling +4 1d4 + 2 bludgeoning Range 30/120
Dagger (thrown) +4 1d4 + 2 piercing Range 20/60
Hand crossbow +4 1d6 + 2 piercing Range 30/120


Spell Attack Modifier +4
Spell Slots 2 1st Level, 2 2nd level
Spellcasting Ability Charisma
Spell Save DC 12
Minor Illusion
Vicious Mockery
Level One
Speak with Animals
Charm Person
Healing Word
Thunder Wave
Dissonant Whispers
Level Two

A Gnomish Bard with a taste for adventure, he yearns for fame and his natural talent will ensure it unless his recklessness gets him killed first.

He’s usually the first of his band to introduce himself and make friends upon arrival at a new place. This can get him into trouble so he’ll often attempt to use his charisma to get out of a bind and if that fails he’ll hide behind his more fearsome allies.

His jovial facade sometimes cracks to reveal a Gnome in pain, a great tradgedy bestruck him as a young man, he rarely speaks of this and often drinks to forget.

Akuri is a long time drinking buddy of Professor Ephelion. They often while the night away, intoxicated, wagering on this or that.

Prior to some “unpleasantness” Akuri considered himself a business associate of Horkas of Bargotin

You may already know this one so if you do feel free to join in on the chorus!

In distant lands from whence he came,
Dulcet creatures he did tame,
He dwelt amongst the evergreens,
Akuri with Masala Beans,

As a lad he often played,
His lute throughout the forest glade,
Had not much wealth and little means,
Akuri with Masala Beans,

He charmed a wench with a beer in hand,
He flashed at her his swollen gland,
’Twas no bigger than a figurines,
Akuri with Masala Beans,

Music played at the dance,
Betrayed he cast a knowing glance
Darkness rose behind the scenes
Akuri with Masala Beans

He fled home for his life,
Lost his brothers and his wife,
He’s haunted nightly in his dreams
Akuri with Masala Beans!

A tragic tale that he wears well
He laughs a lot but lived through hell,
Now Fame he seeks the crowd now screams,
Akuri with Masala Beans,

So tell your clan his joyful tune,
Treat him well and pay him soon,
Or he’ll slice your throat and eat your spleens,
Akuri with Masala Beans_

Akuri with Masala Beans

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